Megan Thee Stallion takes out restraining order against her label

Awards season can make or break an artist’s career, even one as established as Megan Thee Stallion—something the rapper evidently understands because she’s taking her label to court for getting in her way.

Megan (born Megan Pete) was recently granted a restraining order against her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and distributor, 300 Entertainment, after alleging that 1501 “unlawfully” attempted to “block or interfere with Pete exploiting, licensing, or publishing her music” in conjunction with the upcoming American Music Awards (airing November 20). Court documents obtained by Billboard claimed that Megan “will suffer irreparable harm if her music cannot be used in conjunction with her promotion for the AMAs.”

The documents do not go into detail about what 1501 allegedly did to block Megan from promoting her work, but it must have been serious as the court essentially granted her an emergency order “because there was not enough time to give notice to Defendants, hold a hearing, and issue a restraining order before the irreparable injury, loss, or damage would occur.”

This is just the latest installment in the rapper’s ongoing legal battle with 1501, which started back in 2020 when Megan alleged that the label’s founder had tricked her into signing a deal far below industry standards. This contract locked her into a three-album release, the definition of which became the subject of another lawsuit earlier this year. In August, Megan went to court yet again, this time over 1501’s alleged failure to pay the artist her due royalties.

While this latest legal victory must have been satisfying, Megan clearly has her eyes set on a slightly more fun trophy: Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist at the AMAs. With a tight race that also includes Nicki Minaj and “WAP” collaborator Cardi B, the extra boost certainly can’t hurt.

The AMAs air Sunday, November 20.

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Nipsey Hussle’s Life Story to Be Told in a Docuseries Featuring Snoop Dogg, Diddy and Lauren London

Furthermore, the series will look into his rise to fame starting with his 2005 mixtape Slauson Boy before delving into the launch of his All Money In record label, Marathon Clothing store, Marathon Agency brand and co-working company Vector 90.

“It’s an incredible honor for SpringHill to have a part in sharing Nipsey’s story and legacy with the world,” said James, 37, in a press release about the docuseries. “He used his gift to give back to his community and lived what it means to inspire, empower, and uplift others along the way. His words, his ambition, and his actions stick with me to this day as he continues to inspire myself, our company, and people everywhere.”

In addition to London, 37, who shares a a 6-year-old child, Kross, with Hussle (whose real name is Airmiess Joseph Asghedom), other close individuals featured in the docuseries include family members such as the rapper’s older brother, Samiel “Blacc Sam” Asghedom.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle

“Nipsey was a man of the people,” said Samiel in a press statement. “He often said his purpose in life was to inspire. Nipsey’s light shone across the world. His life is a testament that his purpose was fulfilled.”

Continuing his statement, Samiel assured fans that Hussle’s loved ones have been hands-on with the docuseries’ creative process. “The family has taken the proper time and care needed to ensure that Nipsey’s life story be detailed and presented correctly and accurately,” he said. “We are honored to be able to cement Nipsey’s legacy with this epic docu-series of his life. Nipsey said, ‘If they made a story about my life, it better be a classic.'”

A release date for the docuseries has yet to be announced.

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Music icon Roberta Flack has ALS, making it ‘impossible to sing,’ her rep reveals

NEW YORK — A representative for Roberta Flack announced Monday that the Grammy-winning musician has ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and can no longer sing.

The progressive disease “has made it impossible to sing and not easy to speak,” Flack’s manager Suzanne Koga said in a release. “But it will take a lot more than ALS to silence this icon.”

The announcement of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diagnosis comes just ahead of the premiere of “Roberta,” a feature-length documentary debuting Thursday at the DOCNYC film festival.

Flack is known for hits like “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face,” the latter of which catapulted her into stardom after Clint Eastwood used it as the soundtrack for a love scene in his 1971 movie “Play Misty for Me.”

The release says that the Grammy-winning singer and pianist, now 85, “plans to stay active in her musical and creative pursuits” through her eponymous foundation and other avenues.

The Antonino D’Ambrosio-directed documentary will be in competition at the festival and available via DOCNYC’s website for a week after, before airing on television Jan. 24 as part of PBS’ “American Masters” series.

Flack also plans to publish a children’s book co-written with Tonya Bolden, “The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music,” that month. The North Carolina-born, Virginia-raised Flack is the daughter of pianists and classically trained herself — her talent won her a full ride to Howard University at just 15.

“I have long dreamed of telling my story to children about that first green piano that my father got for me from the junkyard in the hope that they would be inspired to reach for their dreams,” Flack was quoted in the release. “I want them to know that dreams can come true with persistence, encouragement from family and friends, and most of all belief in yourself.”

In this March 4, 1974 file photo, Roberta Flack holds the Grammy award for her record,

The documentary’s television debut and book’s publication kick off 2023, which also will see the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of her fourth album, “Killing Me Softly,” with a reissue. Her label for the first three decades of her career, Atlantic Records, is also celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Flack had a stroke in 2016 and spoke to The Associated Press a little over two years later about returning to performing. When asked if she’d sing one of her old hits at a then-upcoming event, she quickly retorted: “There’s no such thing as an old hit,” preferring the term “classic” instead.

“I could sing any number of songs that I’ve recorded through the years, easily, I could sing them, but I’m going to pick those songs that move me,” Flack said. “Now that’s hard to do. To be moved, to be moved constantly by your own songs.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Roberta Flack, ‘Killing Me Softly’ singer, has ALS, rep says

Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium’: How to Watch the Singer’s Final U.S. Tour Performance Online







Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium’: How to Watch the Singer’s Final U.S. Tour Performance Online

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Six-time Grammy winner Elton John will perform on tour for the last time in North America this Sunday — a grand finale that will be captured in a Disney+ live broadcast titled “Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium.”

The three-hour concert will also feature Dua Lipa, Kiki Dee and Brandi Carlile, Disney+ announced Nov. 14. All three artists have previously collaborated with John on top-charting songs, such as him and Lipa’s 2021 release “Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)”

The massive Dodger Stadium send-off is expected to draw in over 50,000 attendees. The performance is an extension of John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour and footage from the evening will be incorporated into the upcoming Disney Original documentary “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: The Final Elton John Performances and The Years that Made His Legend.”

How to Watch ‘Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium’

“Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium” will be livestreamed exclusively on Disney+ Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. PT. The program is being produced by Fulwell 73 Productions and Rocket Entertainment.

Regular program aside, interviews with John and undisclosed, fellow celebrities will air in the minutes leading up to the main performance.

The same day, iHeartMedia will release an hour-long special called “iHeartRadio Presents Elton John’s Thank You to America: The Final Song” at 10 p.m. PT. The broadcast special includes a highlight reel of John’s career as well as a livestream of his final song and closing remarks at the Dodger Stadium show.

In anticipation of his final North American show, Select iHeartRadio AC, CHR, Classic Rock and Classic Hits stations will also chronicle John’s legacy through performances and interviews that will run from Nov. 14 to Nov. 20. Fans can also listen in on the digital station’s Big Classic Hits and Today’s Mix through the iHeartRadio website or app.

Watch the official trailer for the live concert event below.

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‘Wakanda Forever’ cast on how film explores shared experiences of Black and Latinx people: ‘Our wounds are so similar’

Black Panther still stands as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most political movie, with the 2018 Best Picture Oscar nominee not only featuring a predominantly Black cast but also exploring the complexities of what it means to be African (as represented by its hero, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa) versus African American (via the worldview of its antagonist, Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger).

So it stands to reason that co-writers Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole have infused the new sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, with similar real-world cultural commentary.

As T’Challa’s mother Ramonda (Angela Bassett), sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) and the residents of Wakanda mourn the death of their king (a seismic plot change rewritten into the script after the death of Boseman in 2020), they’re also confronted by the mer-people of Talokan, an underwater civilization that, like Wakanda, has been kept hidden from the rest of the world. Ruled by the 500-year-old Namor (Tenoch Huerta), the Talokan angrily emerge from the depths of their Atlantis-like kingdom when the U.S. government begins mining the sea for Vibranium. The precious element is the Talokan’s most prized resource, too — another thing they share in common with Wakanda.

The Talokan, based on ancient Mayan and Mesoamerican civilizations and cast with all Latinx actors, were forced underwater when their land was invaded by colonizers. (The African-based Wakanda, per Marvel mythology, managed to be avoid colonization by hiding itself from the world.) It all plays into Wakanda Forever’s larger theme in which Coogler and company explore the shared experiences of Black, Latinx and indigenous people across the world. In many ways, the film’s budding rivals — Shuri and Namor — are the new T’Challa and Killmonger.

“The things that our cultures have in common, I think it’s been much-discussed, and much-written about,” Coogler told us. “What transpired on the content of Africa, if you think about what transpired in the Americas, you’ll see similarities. … But in this movie they both just kind of want to be left alone.”

“Especially if you contrast Wakanda, which had never been colonized, with these Talokan who fled colonization, there’s a conversation about indigenous people and their experiences, which I think is really interesting,” says producer Nate Moore. “Because it is a shared experience. And its an unfortunately globally shared experience by a lot of people. And I think the conversation Namor is having with Wakanda is, ‘Hey, here’s why I’m so intent on protecting my people. Because the only reason we live where we live is because we were fleeing this thing. That probably could happen again, and could happen to you.’

“And I think that makes it timely. I think maybe there’s a feeling that colonization was a thing of the past, but it’s still happening.”

Says Lupita Nyong’o, the Mexican-born, Kenya-raised actress who plays Nakia: “It draws a correlation of how distinct the experiences are, but also how similar. Our wounds are so similar. And we see this in this story. Talokan echoes Wakanda, as much as the Latinx experience can echo the Black experience. And I just love how we go head-to-head in this film. And at the end of the day, it’s, ‘OK, where is our point of truce? When do we see ourselves in the mirror?’”

Huerta echoes similar sentiments, citing the events of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, also known as the Conquest of Mexico, in the early 1500s. “In the end, we share the same wounds,” he says. “This catastrophe, this holocaust that happened to our people, our ancestors, it was almost at the same time [of the Atlantic slave trade]. Now, years later, we are trying to [reconcile] with ourselves, and with the other people. So I think this movie and this kind of narrative helps to create this union and bondage among all of us. But yeah, we definitely share the same kind of story.”

With its supporting cast, Wakanda Forever also becomes the first Marvel movie to prominently feature multiple Latinx actors.

“A big part of Black Panther’s legacy is representation. Knocking down doors, and giving other cultures visibility,” says Alex Livinalli, who plays Attuma and is the first Venezuelan actor to enter the MCU.

The Mexico-born, Veracruz-raised Mabel Cadena, who co-stars as Namora, didn’t even speak English when she was cast in the film.

“Thanks to the first Black Panther movie and its cast, we have the opportunity to represent Latin communities,” she says. “Faces like [mine], with this color. With this beauty. With this amazing diversity… It’s amazing to have all these cultures in our movie. So I’m very proud about this opportunity.”

Watch The Trailer

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‘Wakanda Forever’ cast on how film explores shared experiences of Black and Latinx people: ‘Our wounds are so similar’

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Sylvester Stallone says Bruce Willis is going through ‘really, really difficult times’ amid aphasia struggle

Sylvester Stallone is sharing a heartbreaking update about the health of his old pal Bruce Willis.

The Rocky star was asked if he had been in touch with Willis since his family announced in March that he was retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disorder that affects a person’s ability to speak and understand others.

“Bruce is going through some really, really difficult times,” Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter. “So he’s been sort of incommunicado.”

He went on to say, “That kills me. It’s so sad.”

The pair have been friends for years — as well as business partners. In the early ’90s, they banded together — along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Willis’s first wife Demi Moore — to back the Planet Hollywood franchise.

Sylvester Stallone having cake alongside Bruce Willis at Demi Moore’s 30th birthday party. Fun fact: Demi turns 60 on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2022. (Photo: Bill Nation/Sygma via Getty Images)

They went on to co-star together in Stallone’s The Expendables franchise, which earned big bucks at the box office. However, while negotiating a deal for the third film in 2013, they had a spat over Willis’s salary. Willis reportedly wanted $4 million for four days of filming while Stallone wouldn’t go above $3 million. Stallone blasted Willis as “greedy and lazy” on social media. While Willis stopped playing Mr. Church, they did make up, with Stallone later clarifying that Willis was “a stand-up guy.” At the press conference ahead of the film’s release, Stallone said calling Willis out was “nothing personal.”

When the Willis family shared the news about his health earlier this year, Stallone was one of the Hollywood stars to react publicly. On social media, he posted a series of old photos of them together, writing,”We go back a long way, praying for the best for you and your wonderful family…”


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Since Willis’s retirement, he’s kept out of the spotlight with the only real updates coming from his wife, Emma Heming, and his family. One of the last ones was a sweet video, set to Maren Morris’s “The Bones,” showing highlights from their summer. Willis danced with his two youngest daughters, gave one a piggyback, played frisbee and kissed his wife, among other sweet moments.


Willis has a few completed films in the hopper, including Paradise City, out Friday, which reunites him with his Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta. According to a New York Times review, Willis "appears relatively alert and aware," despite reports of his struggles on the set before the diagnosis. It did note that Willis had little screen time and his one scene with Travolta "was clearly achieved through editing." He actually didn't share a frame with his other co-stars, and "more than once it sounds as if his dialogue was dubbed in by a similar-sounding actor."

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New Music Video: Emanuel Austin – Little More (prod. by Raphael Stibor) OFFICIAL MUSICVIDEO

Hot New Music Video by Emanuel Austin – Little More (prod. by Raphael Stibor) OFFICIAL MUSICVIDEO

Emanuel – Little More (prod. by Raphael Stibor) Producer: Raphael Stibor (Raphael Stibor) Label : Kabaya Music ( Artist: Emanuel Austin Song: Little More Videoproduzentin: Alina Lorenz (@alinalorenzofficial) Tänzer: Katerina Safaridou (@katerinaafrd) Lorena Russo (@lorenarusso._) Phil (@philmovez) MUA: Maria Safaridou (@mariasfrd) Stylist: Sly G. (@sly_angel_of_god) Location: Mannequin Fashion (@mannequinf) Tanzschule Weiss (@tanzschuleweiss)



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Nick Carter sobs during tribute to Aaron during Backstreet Boys concert

Nick Carter sobbed while honoring his late brother, Aaron Carter, during Sunday’s Backstreet Boys concert.

Midway through the group’s show in London, Kevin Richardson got serious talking about Aaron’s sudden death on Saturday at age 34. He said during the group’s 29 years together, they had experienced “highs and lows” and currently had “heavy hearts” after losing “one of our family members,” Nick’s “little brother.” He was their little brother too, they said, as Aaron launched his solo singing career in the ’90s — at age 9 — opening for the boy band.

While Richardson spoke of their plan to recognize the “I Want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” singer during the show, the other band members — AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell — hugged Nick, who was openly sobbing on the stage. They went on to sing their hit “No Place,” which is about family. Photos of Aaron and Nick flashed on the screen during the emotional performance.

Some of the photos were used in the social media tribute Nick posted after Aaron was found dead in his L.A. home on Saturday morning. Nick, who was estranged from his sibling, reflected in his post about their “complicated relationship” due to Aaron’s addiction and mental illness. Through the years, Aaron revealed he had been diagnosed withschizophrenia, multiple personality disorder an anxiety, and he had addictions to prescription drugs and huffing. In a final interview, Aaron claimed he was 5 years sober, but smoked marijuana and took Xanax “legally.


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A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter)

Angel Carter Conrad, Aaron’s twin sister, also posted a tribute to him with old photos of them as babies and toddlers.

“To my twin… I loved you beyond measure,” she wrote to her sibling, from whom she was also estranged. “You will be missed dearly. My funny, sweet Aaron, I have so many memories of you and I, and I promise to cherish them. I know you’re at peace now. I will carry you with me until the day I die and get to see you again.”

Wakanda Forever Huge Premier in Nigeria

In advance of its release next week, Disney/Black Marvel’s Panther: Wakanda Forever began its promotional tour on Sunday evening with a historic preview in Lagos, Nigeria. With a huge gathering of actors, filmmakers, and reporters on hand for the black carpet rollout, this was a major event — and the first time a Marvel movie had a local premiere. The sequel to the original film, which grossed $1.348 billion, was shown on numerous screens at Filmhouse Cinemas IMAX Lekki.