Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

We reported some weeks ago that famous celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had gotten engaged yet again, years after they got to the same stage but called it off. Weel, this time they’ve gone through with it, to the joy of adoring fans. The couple got married in Las Vegas, the actress has confirmed.

“We completed the task. Love is lovely. Love is gentle. Love, it turns out, is patient. Twenty years of endurance, “On her fan website OntheJLo, she wrote.

In January 2004, the couple called off their first engagement. The news of the couple’s rekindled love sent fans into a frenzy last year, as they publicly displayed their rekindled love on social media. Lopez intends to change her name to Jennifer Affleck, according to the Clark County Clerk’s Office in Nevada, where Las Vegas is located.

The actress and singer revealed on her OntheJLo website that the couple flew to Las Vegas on Saturday and queued for a marriage license alongside four other couples.

“When they said, ‘all you need is love,’ they were right,” she wrote. “We are so grateful to have it all, a new wonderful family of five amazing children and a life we have never had more reason to look forward to.”

Chris Appleton, her hairdresser, posted a video of the star in her wedding gown on Instagram as she prepared for the wedding. The new and joyous bride also posted a selfie in bed wearing her new wedding ring the morning after their wedding.

Their long love story started when the couple met on the set of the film Gigli in 2002, got engaged in 2003, but broke up the following year due to “excessive media attention.”

However, since reuniting, they have regularly posted photos and videos online of romantic vacations and family moments, prompting fans to update the couple’s former portmanteau nickname Bennifer 2.0.

This is the fourth time Jennifer would be married, she was famously married to singer Marc Anthony (the singer of the hit song “I need you”) from 2004 to 2014, and the couple has twins. Ben on the other hand from 2005 to 2018 was married to actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children. The hype around this marriage now isn’t just because they’re celebrities, but it feels like true love winning.

Lopez said in a statement that the ceremony was the “best possible wedding we could have imagined… one we dreamed of long ago and one made real at long, long last.”


Johnny Depp will avoid the courtroom this month after his lawyers reached an agreement with the City of Lies crew member who accused the actor of assault in 2017.

Gregg (Rocky) Brooks, the film’s location manager, filed the lawsuit in 2018, claiming Depp punched him twice on set and offered him $100,000 to punch the actor in return. The civil trial was set for July 25 in Los Angeles, according to Variety. The judge was notified of the settlement on Monday. The details of the settlement are not known yet as they’ve not been made public.

Beyonce Is Back

Following a six-year musical break, Beyonce Knowles-Carter announced her comeback to showbiz and a new upcoming album titled “Renaissance” with an iconic British Vogue photograph.

Burna boy graces the Daily Show with Trevor Noah ahead of his sold out show at MSG

Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of crude oil in the world, but even with that, lately, the proudest export from Nigeria has unarguably been afrobeat. Just like one star said in one of his songs “my music travel no visa”. Nigerian music has spread all over the world, from the US to Switzerland, to the UK, and even into Asia. One of the proponents of this movement is Burna Boy, an ultra-successful afrobeat, grammy-winning musician. In preparation for his show in a sold-out Maddison square garden titled “Once Night In Space”, he stopped by the famous Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah.

Ben and Jennifer Lopez Together Again!

“Two very lucky people. Who got a second chance at true love,” That’s how Jennifer Lopez saw it and told the world about her engagement with Ben Affleck.
The lovers and soon to be wedded couple are getting together AGAIN after almost 2 decades since they last reached this point in their lives, but although it is the same it does feel different for J Lo.

The man who slapped.

While the night flowed and ebbed, glasses clinked and champagne flowed, overly expensive suits reclined on seats while expressively overdone dresses perched on theirs, no one knew what was coming, at least not Chris Rock.

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