Model/Artist: Via

Via, a talented 15-year-old pop music artist hailing from Switzerland. Real Name, Olivia Onwumelu has always had an unyielding passion for music. Since her early childhood, she found solace and joy in listening to music and singing along. Little did she know that this innocent love for melodies and lyrics would shape her destiny as a budding musician. She draws her musical influence from a variety of artists including Flavour Na Abania, Sade, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, and Charlie Puth just to name a few

At the age of 7, Via’s parents gifted her a guitar, a fateful moment that would set her on the path of musical discovery. Driven by her determination and fueled by her innate creativity, she embarked on a personal journey to learn how to play the instrument and sing in harmony. Guided by her own dedication and perseverance, Via soon found herself developing a unique musical identity.

Through her growing talent, Olivia caught the attention of Monumental Beats, a renowned music production studio in Switzerland. It was through this collaboration that her journey as a professional musician began to take shape. Working closely with Monumental Beats, Via honed her skills and explored various musical styles and genres.

In addition to her work with Monumental Beats, Via had the opportunity to collaborate with Nazb, an Afrobeat artist based in Zurich Switzerland. This collaboration opened up new creative avenues for Via, allowing her to experiment with different sounds and infuse her pop music style with elements of Afrobeat. The result was a captivating blend of vibrant rhythms and infectious melodies.

Via’s first singles, produced by Monumental Beats, garnered significant attention and praise from music lovers around the world. The positive feedback she received served as validation for her talent and inspired her to push further in her musical pursuits. Fuelled by the electrifying energy she experienced during her first live performance, Via was compelled to channel her creativity into writing more music during her free time.

Currently, Via can be found working diligently in the studio, crafting her unique sound and bringing her musical visions to life. With each passing day, she grows more excited about the prospect of sharing her new music with the world. Driven by her passion, Via’s dedication to her craft is evident in every note she sings and every chord she strums.

As a young pop music artist, Via’s journey is only just beginning. With her remarkable talent, unwavering determination, and an undying love for music, she is set to make a lasting impact in the industry. Keep an eye out for via as she continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her enchanting vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a vibrant blend of pop and Afrobeat sounds. The future is bright for this young Swiss star, and her music promises to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.


Year of birth: 2008


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