Pierce Morgan’s Twitter hacked!

Controversial Tuesday saw graphic and disparaging tweets from British television star Piers Morgan to his 8.3 million followers regarding the late Queen Elizabeth, artist Ed Sheeran, boxer Andrew Tate, and others before partially going away for certain users.

“Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Morgan’s television show on TalkTV, tweeted that Morgan had been hacked.

“In case you were wondering, @piersmorgan has been hacked,” the show wrote. “Any chance of getting him back, @elonmusk?”.

The famous talk show host’s profile and cover image were erased, and his name was repeatedly altered to expressions like “lol.” Although the mobile Twitter app still displayed racially derogatory and sexually graphic messages on Morgan’s feed, they have now been erased, and his account is currently blank for online users.

Comments on world affairs have kept Morgan in the news lately. His explosive interview with football superstar Christiano Ronaldo and his criticism of Meghan and Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have both been especially hot spots. Their Netflix documentary, which premiered earlier this month, has been criticized by Morgan.

Many calls for response to Twitter and Morgan were unanswered, therefore all the details we currently know come from