‘The Bachelor’ 2023: Meet the 30 women chosen for Zach Shallcross

Zach Shallcross is on the hunt for his soulmate once again! The former “Bachelorette” contestant wasn’t lucky in love when he appeared on the ABC dating show last season, but he’s giving it another go as the latest star of “The Bachelor.”

Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait long to watch the 26-year-old tech executive begin his quest for romance. The 27th season of “The Bachelor” premieres on Monday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. ET and from the looks of the trailer, there will be plenty of romance and drama.


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As a contestant on “The Bachelorette,” Shallcross had chemistry with Rachel Recchia, but their romance didn’t go the distance and he ultimately decided to leave the show towards the end of the season.

This time around, the California native will be putting his heart on the line to find “the one,” and there are 30 ladies vying for his attention. Per the tech executive’s bio, he’s looking for a connection similar to the one his parents have (which he characterizes as “true love”).

If Shallcross is truly seeking a soulmate, he might have luck with Aly, a “Southern sweetheart” and “hopeless romantic” who is ready for marriage, per her ABC bio.

The self-described “family man at heart” could also vibe with Anastasia, who comes from a “big, loving Greek family,” or or Becca, who says her mom is the person she “loves most in this world.” If Shallcross is looking for a bit of excitement, thrill-seeker Ariel might be a great match.

Read on for photos of all 30 women. We’ll be updating this cast list as the show goes on – so you can see who stays and who goes.

Aly, 26

Occupation: Healthcare strategy project manager

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Anastasia, 30

Occupation: Senior content marketing manager

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Ariel, 28

Occupation: Freelance marketing

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Bailey, 27

Occupation: Executive Recruiter

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.


Becca, 25

Occupation: Nursing student

Hometown: Burbank,

Calif.Brianna, 24

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Brooklyn, 25

Occupation: Dental Lab Tech

Hometown: Stillwater, Okla.

Cara, 27

Occupation: Corporate recruiter

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Cat, 26

Occupation: Professional dancer

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Charity, 26

Occupation: Child and family therapist

Hometown: Columbus, Ga

Christina, 25

Occupation: Content creator

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.

Davia, 25

Occupation: Marketing manager

Hometown: Spartanburg, S.C.

Gabi, 25

Occupation: Account executive

Hometown: Pittsford, Vt

Genevie, 26

Occupation: Neonatal nurse

Hometown: Baltimore City, Md.

Greer, 24

Occupation: Medical sales rep

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Holland, 24

Occupation: Insurance marketer

Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.

Jess, 23

Occupation: E-Commerce coordinator

Hometown: Winter Springs, Fla.

Kaity, 27

Occupation: ER nurse

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Katherine, 26

Occupation: Registered nurse

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

Kimberly, 30

Occupation: Hospitality manager

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Kylee, 25

Occupation: Postpartum nurse

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Lekha, 29

Occupation: Financial advisor

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Madison, 26

Occupation: Business owner

Hometown: Fargo, N.D.

Mercedes, 24

Occupation: Non-profit owner

Hometown: Bloomfield, Iowa


Olivia L., 23

Occupation: Patient care technician

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.

Olivia M., 25

Occupation: Stylist

Hometown: Cinncinnati, Ohio

Sonia, 28

Occupation: Project manager

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y

Vanessa, 23

Occupation: Restaurant marketer

Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.

Victoria J.

Occupation: Makeup artist

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Viktoria E., 29

Occupation: Nanny

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

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