Artist/Actress/Model: Shedea Dona

Shedea Dona is an ambitious aspiring singer & actress of Swiss and Surinamese descent.

Coming from a family of artists, she developed her musical, acting and dancing skills as a child. Between 2018 and 2022 she released more professionally produced songs, took part in a Srf TV reportage and cooperated with and was also modeling for several well-known companies. (Metro, Snipes, Amorana and SBB)Shedea Dona currently manages all her performances and collaborations herself. She tirelessly develops her energetic dance style, consisting of hip-hop and urban Latin, at the “Dance School Baden”.
In order to build her career on a solid foundation, she attended the acting school “Filmz” in Zurich between 2021 and 2022. They immediately implemented the knowledge they acquired there and their acting skills in several film productions and music videos.
Shedea Dona skillfully incorporates her Afro-Caribbean roots into her musical and dance repertoire. Musically she currently serves R’n’B, Reggeaton, Afro and Hip-Hop. However, this list is not final, as it is open and still in the discovery phase with regard to its musical direction.Shedea Dona wants to use her voice to speak up and tell stories which is why she mostly writes and co-composes her songs herself.
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