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Are you a model, influencer, or artist? Are you interested in an opportunity to grow your brand? My VIP Models is here for you. We’re committed to bringing together all artists, models, and influencers in Switzerland through our website. We have created a platform where online users can easily access your profile, learn more about you, and get in touch with you for business. Our objective is to promote and support talents.

We are committed to identifying and nurturing emerging talent into professional superstars. However this doesn’t mean that just anybody is accepted, there is a careful vetting process that selects talents who fit the program.

We list models, influencers and artist on our website and support them by driving traffic to their website and social media platforms. Typically, many individuals, businesses, or organizations are willing to hire your services, but they don’t know where to get you. Thanks to, it’s easy for everyone to reach out to you. On the other hand, our content will be instrumental for all artists, influencers, and models. There’s a lot to learn from our content. In addition, we’ve business contacts that we’re looking forward to hooking up with you for commercials, concerts, and other gigs.

Our website brings together all players in the entertainment industry. If you’re new in the industry, this site gives you more opportunities to grow your career. You can network with other prominent players in the industry and learn from them. On the other hand, we will do the marketing and enhance your online brand visibility. We have a team of professional photographers, so you can always get the best photos as you model or perform in different events. You’re guaranteed physical, online visibility and potential business deals with us.

While our website showcases a selection of incredible talents, it's important to note that we work closely with exclusive booking agencies representing exceptionally talented individuals who may not be listed on our website. This exclusivity allows us to collaborate with exceptional talents, ensuring that your project receives a touch of exclusivity and sophistication. Contact us today, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect talent from our extensive roster.


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    Myvipmodels talent agency aims to provide a platform for young and aspiring models, artists & influencers to achieve their goals and objectives. The brand seeks to promote talented individuals by collaborating with local brands as well as internationally with foreign brands looking for innovative ways to promote their corporate creative enterprises. Our website is a Talent listing platform and we do this to give talents as many opportunities as possible to get discovered. We are dedicated to discovering new talent and developing it into working superstars.
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