Nigeria’s The Critics partners with Morgan Freeman on short film ‘ Ọa -War Is Coming’

Kaduna based filmmaking company The Critics are set to debut a short film titled a- War Is Coming, in partnership with Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary’s The Revelation.

According to Variety, the short film narrated by by Freeman “follows the story of Óla, a brash teenager who discovers he is the reincarnation of a demigod, and spirals into his destiny, unprepared for the events that come as a result of this discovery.”

‘Ogun Ola’ will debut simultaneously on The Critics YouTube channel and the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art’s +234 Connect Festival: A Celebration of Nigerian Creativity.

Confirming the production, Freeman shared on Instagram, “Today marks the world premiere of the latest #RevEnt Project produced with The Critics (@Thecritics001), an incredibly talented team of young filmmakers from West Africa. Tune in to “War is Coming” (Ogun Óla) on our partner’s, @Thecritics001 YouTube Page, to enjoy this coming of age story.

as seen on instagram 

With features on BBC, CNN, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, among others, the group of young filmmakers became an internet sensation after debuting their short film The Chase, shot entirely on their mobile phones in 2019.


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