Art by Michael Oguguo

Welcome to the artist with uniqueness, with the gifted ability to transform any photo or image into an extraordinary design to suit your purpose with any cultural design of your choice without being provided one.
Contact the root gifted born artist with the gifted hands unmatcheable to suit your choice of any design or cultural representation anywhere in the world.

The power of choice is in your hands and the power to deliver rest on us. You choose any photo or photos with or without the atirer, & we’lI deliver. Our commitment makes the difference and in excellence, we prevail over others

Let me tell you a story:

I was born Michael Chukwuemeka Oguguo to two loving parents from Anambra State, Nigeria (my land of origin). My parents discovered that I had an affinity for the artistic side of things at a tender age: I was always capturing the world I saw on notebooks, seeking to encase the beauty around me and make it timeless. Time flew by and I had to leave my captured memories in favour of what I deemed as “required” to live in the world around me.

Events came that saw me going back to my art as a foundation of support for a young mind seeking to balance responsibility with growth and exploration of the human world in a peaceful way. Art gave me my second chance at living an adult life of daily gratitude for the gifts given to me by God’s kind graces, which enabled me to grow, gain the balance I needed and to be of service to others by artistically capturing them from their photos, no matter where they are in the world.

My heritage links (I call them blessings) from both Nigeria and Dublin – where I now reside and practice my art – powers my artistic journey which is continuously evolving. I invite you to go on an artistic journey with me, by letting me capture your smile or a memory, using my unique style of mix media composed of Graphite and Poly Chromo Pencil Art, which I call “cultural art that represents ones heritage.

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