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Are you searching for the ideal talent to elevate your event? Look no further than MyVIPModels! At, we specialize in connecting event organizers with a diverse array of performers, from emerging musicians to globally renowned artists.

Our Mission

At MyVIPModels, our mission is to assist event planners and brands in discovering the perfect talents for their events or projects. Not only do we strive to showcase established artists, but we’re also passionate about supporting local Swiss upcoming talents and advancing their careers.

Our Talent Roster

MyVIPModels boasts a curated selection of both upcoming and established musicians available for booking. While not all of the artists we collaborate with are featured on our website, rest assured that our agency is teeming with incredible talent waiting to take your event to new heights.

International Reach, Swiss Expertise

As a Swiss-based international talent agency, we collaborate with major agencies worldwide. When an artist plans a tour, these agencies notify us, and we leverage our expertise to pitch these phenomenal artists for your events.

Versatile Offerings

Our website isn’t just a hub for global sensations. We also showcase local Swiss talents, including DJs, models, musicians, dancers, and influencers. Need assistance in selecting the perfect talent for your event? Reach out to us! Tell us your vision, and we’ll help you discover the ideal match.

Music Genre Specialization

We specialize in Afrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, and 90’s artists, with a robust network that spans across these genres. Whether it’s an A-list performer or an emerging sensation, our connections within these music spheres ensure access to exceptional talent.

Reliable Booking Partner

If you’re seeking a dependable booking agency, MyVIPModels is your go-to choice. Our office, located at Zurichstr. 24, 8607 Aathal, Switzerland, serves as a hub for exceptional talent curation and event collaborations.

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At MyVIPModels, we’re passionate about connecting exceptional talent with your vision, making your event truly remarkable. Reach out today and let’s create magic together!



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Nigeria’s vibrant music scene has birthed yet another sensation in the form of Mejosh, an Afrobeat artist currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. With a recent release of a captivating visual for his single titled “Flame,” Mejosh is making waves that transcend borders.

“Flame” isn’t just a song; it’s an enchanting romantic melody that effortlessly tugs at the heartstrings. Its harmonious blend of soulful beats and compelling lyrics creates an irresistible magnetism that makes falling in love seem effortless. The song’s infectious rhythm is not only easy on the ears but also possesses that magnetic quality to draw listeners into its world of romance.

However, it’s not just the song that elevates Mejosh’s artistry. The accompanying video for “Flame” takes the entire experience to a whole new level. Directed by the skilled team at BimmyBat Films, the visual masterpiece complements the song impeccably. Its visuals are a perfect marriage to the melodic journey of the track, intensifying the emotions and immersing viewers deeper into the essence of love portrayed through Mejosh’s music.

Behind the scenes, the magic of “Flame” wouldn’t be possible without the talented producers RJ Music and Losoulbeats, whose expert touch adds layers of depth and emotion to the track, making it a true auditory delight.

Mejosh is not just an artist but a promising talent who showcases immense potential in the Afrobeat genre. His dedication to his craft and the sheer brilliance displayed in “Flame” only hint at the greatness to come. Fans can expect more scintillating tracks as Mejosh gears up to drop an eagerly awaited new album.

Don’t miss out on this rising star! Experience the magic of Mejosh’s “Flame” by watching the stunning visual on YouTube. And remember to spread the love by sharing it with your friends and fellow music enthusiasts.

For more updates and an insider’s view into Mejosh’s musical journey, follow him on Instagram: @Official_Mejosh.

NazB Igbo Kwenu Album OUTNOW!

Igbo Kwenu: A Journey with NazB’s Soulful Beats”

In the heart of Anambra state, amidst the vibrant culture and rich traditions of the Igbo people, a talented Afrobeat artist by the name of NazB was born. Known for his infectious rhythms and deep-rooted melodies, NazB has always embraced his heritage with pride. Now, he’s taking his listeners on a journey through his soul with his brand new LP album, “Igbo Kwenu,” available on all digital platforms.


“Igbo Kwenu” isn’t just an album; it’s a musical celebration of NazB’s Igbo roots.

The 21 tracks that make up this masterpiece take you on a rollercoaster ride through his life, experiences, and emotions.

“Igbo kwenu” is a universal Igbo greeting that cuts across all Igbo nations. It’s a sacred call that connotes agreement, endorsement, and unity to achieve a common purpose. With this album, NazB extends this sacred call to his listeners, inviting them to be part of a musical journey that’s deeply rooted in his Igbo heritage.

Some of the songs on the album transport you to the heart of Igbo traditions, with beats that resonate with the very essence of the culture. You can feel the pride NazB has for his heritage, as his music carries the spirit of his people.

This album is a breath of fresh air in a world that sometimes feels too heavy. It’s not just about dancing; it’s about reflecting on life’s journey. With every beat, “Igbo Kwenu” encourages you to dance, smile, and, at the same time, ponder the beauty and complexity of life.

NazB, despite facing personal challenges, has channeled his emotions and experiences into an album that radiates positivity and resilience. It’s a testament to his unwavering dedication to his dreams and the memory of his mother and DJ friend, who inspired him to keep moving forward.

So, if you’re looking for music that’s not only catchy but also deeply meaningful, check out “Igbo Kwenu” by NazB. Let the beats of this album take you on a soul-stirring journey, and experience the magic of Afrobeat like never before.

Dance to the rhythm, reflect on the lyrics, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Igbo tribe through NazB’s music. “Igbo Kwenu” is not just an album; it’s an experience that will touch your heart and make you appreciate the beauty of life.

Don’t miss out on this musical masterpiece that showcases the best of Afrobeat and the proud Igbo heritage. Get ready to dance, and get ready to think. NazB’s “Igbo Kwenu” is here to uplift your spirits and leave you with a smile on your face. Embrace the sacred call of unity and purpose through music.

Al Walser’s Afrobeat Gem: “When They Go Low

Al Walser, a Grammy award-winning artist, is back in the spotlight with a captivating new release that’s making waves in the music scene. His latest single, “When They Go Low,” is not only a testament to his musical prowess but also a deep dive into his African roots. The song’s video is now available on YouTube, and it promises an exciting musical journey that will take you straight to the heart of Africa.


A Journey to Africa Through Music

“When They Go Low” is more than just a song; it’s an Afrobeat classic that celebrates Al Walser’s African heritage. Afrobeat, known for its infectious rhythms and rich cultural influences, finds a new champion in Al Walser as he weaves together a musical tapestry that showcases his roots. The result is a song that’s both well-written and expertly performed, a testament to Al Walser’s artistic talents.

A Musical Odyssey

Listening to “When They Go Low” feels like embarking on a musical odyssey. The song’s smooth and entrancing melodies effortlessly transport you to the African motherland, where the spirit of the continent comes alive through the music. Al Walser’s ability to evoke the essence of Africa in his composition is truly remarkable.

Universal Appeal

While deeply rooted in African culture, “When They Go Low” possesses universal appeal. Its seamless blend of Afrobeat elements with modern music sensibilities ensures that it’s not just a niche track but one that can rock any dance floor. It’s a song that’s easy to relate to, regardless of your cultural background, making it a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

A Must-Hear Masterpiece

In a world where music is a universal language that connects us all, “When They Go Low” by Al Walser is a standout masterpiece. Its ability to transport listeners to a different place and time while maintaining a broad appeal is a testament to Al Walser’s artistry.

If you’re in search of an extraordinary musical experience, look no further than Al Walser’s “When They Go Low.” The music video is now available on YouTube, and it’s an awesome piece that’s sure to resonate with every music fan. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of Afrobeat and contemporary music – it’s a musical journey you won’t want to end.

Follow Al Walser on Instagram

Stream the song on Spotify

Boom Play


Official Website

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Shedea Dona, a talented artist from Switzerland, sets the music scene ablaze with the release of her sizzling new Amapiano track.

Reviving the 90s: An Unforgettable Night at Village Du Soir Nightclub in Geneva Featuring Headliners 2Unlimited, Haddaway, Corona, The Robots, and More!

Afrobeat Artist Young jonn Euro Tour 2023

Open Dates

Saturday September 23rd

Saturday October 7th

Reserve your spot now.

Myvipmodels talent agency aims to provide a platform for young and aspiring models, artists & influencers to achieve their goals and objectives. The brand seeks to promote talented individuals by collaborating with local brands as well as internationally with foreign brands looking for innovative ways to promote their corporate creative enterprises. Our website is a Talent listing platform and we do this to give talents as many opportunities as possible to get discovered. We are dedicated to discovering new talent and developing it into working superstars.

From Fela to Burna Boy: A Brief History of Afrobeat and Its Evolution Over Time

In recent years, Afrobeat music has experienced a surge in global popularity, with artists like Burna Boy, WizKid, and Davido cementing their positions in the international music scene. However, the genre’s roots can be traced back to the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, who pioneered the sound in the 1970s. In this essay, we will delve into the history of Afrobeat, from its origins to its evolution over time.


Origins of Afrobeat

  • Fela Kuti: the father of Afrobeat
  • Born in Abeokuta, Nigeria in 1938
  • Studied music in London and returned to Nigeria in the 1960s to start his music career
  • Blended traditional Nigerian music with jazz and funk influences
  • The birth of Afrobeat
  • Fela’s formation of his band, Africa ’70
  • Hit song “Jeun Ko Ku” (Eat and Die) criticized the Nigerian government and established Fela as a political activist and icon
  • Musical elements of Afrobeat: big band sound, complex polyrhythms, call-and-response vocals, and sociopolitical lyrics

Evolution of Afrobeat

  • Influence on global music
  • Fela’s music and activism inspired artists worldwide
  • Musicians like Paul McCartney and Brian Eno collaborated with Fela
  • International tours and exposure increased Afrobeat’s global influence
  • Second generation of Afrobeat
  • Fela’s sons Femi and Seun Kuti continued their father’s legacy and developed their own styles of Afrobeat
  • Introduction of electronic instruments and modern production techniques
  • Contemporary Afrobeat
  • Artists like Burna Boy, WizKid, and Davido brought Afrobeat into the mainstream
  • Fusion with other genres like hip hop, R&B, and dancehall
  • Increased global visibility through collaborations with international artists

From its beginnings with Fela Kuti to its current global popularity, Afrobeat has undergone significant evolution over time. Nevertheless, the genre’s social and political roots remain at its core, as modern Afrobeat artists continue to address issues of African identity, globalization, and government corruption through their music.

Influencer/Artist/Dancer: Poco Lee

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Oxlade Available for booking

Oxlade is coming to Europe.

Period: June/July 2023

Oxlade is now available for concerts, clubs, afterparty, private events, endorsement, corporate events, festivals, and other interesting opportunities.

for booking inquiries contact us .

More about Oxlade:

Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, known professionally as Oxlade, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter signed to Troniq Music, Epic Records in France, and Fuenlabrada Records in the UK.[1] He rose to prominence with the release of the song “Away“, which appeared on Rolling Stones 50 best songs of 2020. Oxlade was named the first Pandora Africa’s Next Artist in July 2022.