Burna boy graces the Daily Show with Trevor Noah ahead of his sold out show at MSG

Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of crude oil in the world, but even with that, lately, the proudest export from Nigeria has unarguably been afrobeat. Just like one star said in one of his songs “my music travel no visa”. Nigerian music has spread all over the world, from the US to Switzerland, to the UK, and even into Asia. One of the proponents of this movement is Burna Boy, an ultra-successful afrobeat, grammy-winning musician. In preparation for his show in a sold-out Maddison square garden titled “Once Night In Space”, he stopped by the famous Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah.


His second time at the show, Burna Boy once again showcase his natural confidence, which paired with his good chemistry with Trevor, produced an enjoyable show. The conversation started with how much has changed since the first time he was at the show (a grammy award win), then it moved to how close the singer is with his family; he tours with them as he sells out arenas and stadiums around the world (the first Nigerian to ever sell out Maddison square garden), and his manager is famously his mother! She used to be one of the dancers for the legendary afrobeat creator Fela Kuti, and she uses all the knowledge she has garnered over decades in the music industry to manage her son successfully. When asked about how they manage the mother-manager dynamic, Burna boy said that in the past she used to try to force him to do certain things, but he was stubborn, now she masks it to make him feel like it was his decision, so he goes along readily! This brought a huge laugh from the crowd.

The vibe on the show was so fun, at some point, Burna boy even took the reins of saying the jokes, which was really fun to see. At the end of it, Trevor asked the singer for news on his new yet to be released album, citing that he had seen snippets which the singer regularly posts on his social media accounts including a clip that had Ed Sheeran in the studio with him. After some hesitation and some more cajoling by Trevor, Burna boy revealed that the album would be released “on a day everyone celebrates for themselves when it’s their own day”. It isn’t rocket science to figure it out, Burna Boy’s new album will be released on Burna boy’s birthday which is the 2nd day of July. We really can’t wait because if history has told us anything, it is that Burna boy makes albums that are masterpieces.

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