Davido talks about his “We Rise By Lifting Others” Tour with Trevor Noah.

Worldwide music sensation Davido is currently holding his North American tour titled “We rise by lifting others”. He kick-started the tour by giving an interesting appearance at Trevor Noahs’ Daily Show before he had the first concert in Brooklyn New york. 

Trevor always makes sure to congratulate his guests on an achievement they attained, and he immediately brought up the Nigerian artist selling out the O2 arena in England for the second time. They then had a small chat about how the pandemic had restricted the “best part of being an artist“ in Davido’s words, being on the road and performing in front of the fans. Gladly things are slowly but surely returning to normal and the world is getting back to enjoying Davido to the fullest once again. The reminiscing led to Davido telling the story of how what started as a joke segwayed into raising $600,000 which he donated to orphanages in Nigeria. He raised the money by asking friends and partners through social media to send money to an account he posted publicly. A guy who is so used to being the giver, it was easy for the people to give back to him. It is telling of his character that even after receiving the gifts, he decided to give it all to the community. 

The singer also touched on his new musical direction. His latest single titled “Stand Strong” is a shift from the usual Davido sound. Made with the same choir American rapper Kanye West uses for his sessions, Davido explained that he wanted to create something different, he wanted to challenge himself and going by the huge reception the song has gotten, he’s doing great at it. 

The interview finished with a talk about the tour which has now started. Davido explained that the main goal is to bring Africa in its full richness to America. “My clothes, my producer, the food backstage, everything is from Africa. The show is to bring Africa up”, he said. One of Nigeria’s best export in recent times has been music, and Davido is one of its most premium brands ever, and he continues to rise by lifting others.

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