Artist: Emmanuel Austin

Childhood and influences.

The international super star Emanuel Austin was born on the 27th October 1990 in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania and went to Germany in the year 1996 with his parents. Very early Emanuel discovered his passion for music and dancing. Because of his father, who was a salsa dancer and teacher, Emanuel was immediately inspired and since then he is shaped by it which is the reason why he offers dance classes in Salsa today. One of his biggest idols was and still is Michael Jackson.

Emanuel and his childhood friend Gregory Msusa tried to copy Jacksons moves. His surroundings led Emanuel discover new interests: he started with HipHop and Rap music, then he turned his passion for dancing into a job. And yet dancing is much more than just a job for Emanuel, he sees it as a vocation.


First steps into the dancing and music career In his youth Emanuel learned about professional dancing through his friends Pokaface, Furuiz and Jermain of Rap Core. Before he knew what was happening he appeared on concerts.

At this time Emanuel was involved as a rapper under Marcirecords, a mixed group with different
talents. In 2007 Emanuel made his first video for the track “Put your hands up” in Cuba. The same-named album was produced by DJ Verde. In early 2008 Emanuel sang the track “Master of the Game” with the singer Hope in Hamburg.

The associated video was produced by Axel Breitung and ran on popular european televsision channels like VIVA, MTV and YAVIDO.
Tanzschule Weiss Emanuel decided to put his main focus on professional dancing.

When he finished school in 2008 with 18 years Emanuel began a training as a dance teacher at the Tanzschule Weiss, a dancing school in Offenbach, Germany. After that he absolved advanced trainings in Salsa, HipHop and Discofox and special trainings to teach children.
Emanuel is very popular at the dancing school in all age groups. He is known for his passion for dancing, his dynamic nature and his warm-hearted and open minded being. His dancer
colleague Larissa Bertsch, who also absolved her training as a dance teacher at the Tanzschule Weiss, became the owner of the dance school in 2016. Emanuel supports her in privat as well as in other areas. At the moment Emanuels specialties are Hip-Hop, dancing for children and Salsa. Salsa Si In 2002 Emanuels parents started the Salsa school „Salsa Si“ which is now based inGandesbergen, Germany. It is known for its easygoing and undogmatic style.

Emanuel also works with his father Louis Austin on a salsa project for children since 2005 and he still travels there to come back with the latest dance moves.

For some time Emanuel offers dance classes in Salsa-Cubana for beginners and advanced
persons. In doing so he teaches Salsa-Cubana in a way how it is danced in Havana or Santiago de Cuba. Additionaly he teaches Merengue and Bachata.

Further activities

Besides his activities as a dance teacher, choreographer and musician Emanuel is modelling at times, working together with different brands and dancing live and in music videos as a background dancer for celebrities like Don Omar and other artists.

Emanuel is concerned about bringing people together with the same passion and connecting with each other. Therefore it is very important for him to invite other choreographers from
around the world to the Tanzschule Weiss for exchanging and dancing. Some known choreographers are Brian Scott, Salvatore Romano and Florian Fries.
Even as a successful dancer Emanuel never lost his conncection to his homeland Africa.

2015 he began to rap again and started a second career for supporting his homeland. Emanuel has already published several Afropop Singles in Afrika, Tansania and more songs are in the works.

His urge to help and to do good things is shaped by his grandmother Joyce Juliet
Austin who Emanuel esteems and keeps in his heart. Even today Emanuel hears her words like: „Try to help as much as you can“.

Currently Emanuel is about to write an own book in cooperation with Cole Branningham. There the readers get insights into Emanuels story. Furthermore, the book should operate as a tool for motivation. That is the situation so far, we are excited for more. Out of love and compassion for his home country Tanzania, Emanuel acts as the first ambassador for the Frankfurt based children’s aid organization Streetkids International, which exclusively offers orphans from Tanzania shelter, food, medical support and education. Emanuel gives his first support in form of the livestream cooking and dance show “Cook and Dance”, in which the collected donations go to the aid organization.

Awards and Nominations
In the last years Emanuel proved his rap and dancing skills as well his style through awards and nominations.

– 2017: Nominations as „Bester Style Artist Africa“ of Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards in Uganda, Africa
– 2017: Award as HipHop Norddeutscher Meister of StreetDanceFactory in Wesel, Germany
– 2006: Audience award with Marcirecords of the newcomer contest in Hanau, Germany

Music is always by Emanuels side when he is dancing, therefore it is obvious that he
published several own songs especially in the course of the century.


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