Style Mistakes That Men’s do today


The 21st century is the perfect time to experiment with your style as you can mix and match many different fashion trends and express yourself through individuality. While it’s always best to be yourself, there are some simple rules in fashion that must be followed. For a man, details are what can make or break an entire outfit – choosing the wrong tie for your body type can ruin the whole look! In order to look stylish and attractive, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest mistakes that men make.

Shirts Outside Of Pants
Shirts are designed with long ends to tuck into pants. You should never wear them openly. Definitely wear casual shirts with collars open, like an Oxford button-down, but never with a suit or sport coat and only if the ends of the shirt reach mid-crotch/mid-bottom.
Too much jewelry
When it comes to bracelets, earrings (never!), necklaces, rings – keep it simple. Do not wear more than 2 items, although I prefer just one item, not including your wedding ring if married. Thumb and pointer rings in particular make me shudder the most.

Too many patterns in one outfit
Many men associate style with wearing a statement outfit or wearing many patterns. This is far from true and ends up making you look ridiculous. A good rule of thumb A good rule of thumb is to only choose one piece of clothing in your outfit that is a statement piece or has a pattern to ensure you look stylish and coherent at all times.
Old used belts
If you have quality belts, they may need to be replaced every decade or two. If you wear a belt to hold up your pants all the time, you need to pick up the waist of your pants. Belts are a stopgap solution to the problem that your pants just don’t fit properly.
Pants too long
Whether you wear formal trousers for work during the week or jeans at the weekend. This style rule applies to all pants. Unfortunately, it is common for many men to be in between sizes for trousers bought on the high street. However, not wearing the right length can cause your pants to gather over your laces or jean hems to fray. Both are unsightly but easy to fix.

Dirty Shoes
The condition of a man’s shoes says a lot about the person in them. It can represent a lack of preparation and ignorance of the finer details. There’s no point in wearing a great suit only to be let down by dirty or scuffed shoes. Keep your shoes in good condition with the right products and regular care to make them last longer. A good pair of shoes shouldn’t be a cheap investment, and taking care of them right can make you more money.
Crumpled clothes
We know ironing can be boring, but it’s essential if you want to look your best. If consistently using a dry cleaner is getting too expensive, perhaps a handheld steamer would help. They can be quite cheap and mean you can speed up the ironing process by ironing directly on the hanger.
Belt and shoe color do not match
One easy rule to follow: you should always try to match your belt and shoe color as closely as possible. However, this style flaw can be the consequence of bad shopping habits. Poorly prepared purchases mean that you don’t pay attention to your wardrobe when making a purchase. Impulse purchases can result in men having a new pair of shoes without a matching belt.

Avoid shorts in the wrong length
Shorts look cool on hot summer days. But don’t forget to pay attention to the details. In addition to a tailored fit, you need to focus on the length, which shouldn’t go below your knee. Otherwise it looks lumpy and frivolous. Only if you can perfectly combine your fashion sense with this classic, men’s shorts are perfect for grilling in style in the garden or riding the waves like a pro.
Deep V-neck t-shirts
Unless you’re a washed-up porn star, a former Jersey Shore cast member, or 2007’s Cristiano Ronaldo, you better have the self-respect not to tie yourself down in boobless cotton thongs. Deep V-neck tees don’t flaunt your assets so much as bizarrely feminize them—no matter how much you think they make you look Lothario. Instead, stick to classic crew necks.
Slipped Pants
Supposedly inspired by the belt ban in the US prison system, sagging jeans were adopted by LA gangs and hip-hop stars in the 1990s as an anti-authoritarian statement. If you’re not too, dropping your jeans under your butt is short-sighted at best, cultural appropriation at worst. Jeans should sit on your hips so legs hang properly from yours, while tailoring should sit closer to your waist to prevent an acre of shirt from appearing between your jacket closure and your pants.

Crocs may be the greatest example of false advertising of the 21st century. 21st century. With a name like that, you’d expect something pretty nasty, but what you get are foam clogs. Foam. clogged. None of this sounds like it looks good, does it? Honestly, no one cares how good your feet feel in them – unlike the once-maligned Birkenstock sandals, these will never regain their stylish status..

Straw hats
There is no haircut bad enough to justify wearing a straw hat on your head. Not now. Never. Even if your barber was out until 4am and showed up to cut your mop, still blind drunk with nothing but the plastic knife and fork he ate his kebab with. Still no. You’re not Bruno Mars on the beach. And if so, get a better hat. Like a baseball cap. Or a garbage bag.
Square toe shoes
Even Gucci tried to make them come true and failed. If a brand that has made billions off something put in a horse’s mouth can’t make it work, no one can. So scrap them and stick to time-honored shoe styles like classic oxfords and rounded-toe derbies. Your feet will thank you and so will we.

Overuse of hair gel
Great hair is the top priority in fashion and sometimes the best way to maintain a trendy hairstyle is with hair gel. But knowing the right amount is key. Nothing ruins a look like too much hair gel, especially because it makes the hair look like it’s been oiled instead of styled.
Wrong Sunglasses
It’s important to understand which shape of sunglasses suits you best, as certain shapes complement certain face types. For example, aviator sunglasses look great on round faces, but can make a square face look disproportionate. Always take a friend with you when shopping for glasses or sunglasses. A salesperson will probably say that the most expensive shades suit you best.
Not knowing how to combine
There was a time when this trend was limited to women’s clothing until top brand Hugo Boss introduced it to men. It became an instant favorite because this trend cuts costs and reduces closet clutter. So buy interchangeable clothes that can be put together differently to create a new look. It’s not that hard if you have a few “wardrobe essentials,” which are basically classic pieces that complement everything (like a navy blue blazer, crisp white shirt, or silver-gray tie).

Too big tie
There are many thin to average built men who wear 3.5″ wide ties. It really makes you look thinner than you are, which signals to people that you are not a professional and might be careless in other aspects of your life and work. Think of the “messy bed, messy head” mentality here.

Pants with logo embroidery
Despite the best intentions of top designers, embroidered trousers are best left to discerning Italian women who have the attitude to match their fancy trousers.
Avoid wearing pants covered with preppy shapes, designer logos, small whales (or lobsters), flags, and motifs.
Skinny jeans
Tight, spandex-backed jeans hugging your thighs and calves are not an attractive sight. For most men, skinny jeans create an unattractive silhouette. Unless you’re really skinny, you’ll probably end up looking like a lollipop in skin-tight jeans. If you have to sit or lie down to slip into a pair of jeans, it’s time to reconsider your pants options. This temporary trend makes your legs look shorter, making you appear less masculine. They don’t forgive men with a little bit of fat around their stomachs and emphasize the parts you want to hide.

Bucket hats
We understand fishermen need some love too, but can we do that with sweaters instead? The bucket hat at least draws attention back to brimmed hats, but there are far better options out there. Many of the fast fashion brands that make these make them with inferior quality, meaning they will break down over time. They also don’t have the structure that complements most face shapes in the best light.
Chunky shoes and sneakers
Most of us already know the pitfalls of wearing square-toe shoes and how their shape can cheapen an outfit. “Hypebeasts” have made styles like the Triple S sneaker popular. These look like a pair of running shoes her grandfather had in the back of his closet and forgot. The oversized bulk and loud design make it an eyesore, burn up any outfit you’ve set your mind to, and have limited versatility.
Male Romper („Romp-Hims“)
Have you forgotten this trend? Well, I’m sorry to remind you! This look came around around 2017 and has been picked quite heavily from around the web for good reason. The onesie look is unflattering on most men because of its tight fit and childlike appearance. It’s also more of a beach look, but you can’t even take it off for a swim. This tongue-in-cheek trend also became something of a frat bro staple over time, and it was right at home wearing a blazer with cropped shorts and a popped collar.

See-Through Clothes
Clothing is meant to cover your body, but it seems the memo was overlooked this year. Whether it’s see-through jackets or shirts, the biggest problem with the style is that unless you’ve been blessed or worked extremely hard for that type of David statue body, you probably won’t look too an exposed midsection. And even if you do, you’d still look better and be taken more seriously if you weren’t wearing it.
Another style trend that should go away is “men’s capris.” You might be thinking, “Men don’t wear capris, right?” Well, in fact they do. But aside from oversized shorts and athleisure, it’s usually non-stop high-water pants. But guess what? This is a Capri. It’s anything that falls between shorts and pants, which we think only counts if it falls between an inch or two of your shoes. Anything beyond that and the entire ankle and part of the leg are exposed.
Wear the same color from head to toe
While there are ways to wear a color and it looks tasteful, sometimes in a suit, wearing a color consistently makes it look a bit like the Mafia or like you’re an extra in the Men in Black franchise.

„Franken-Shoes“ (Kleiderschuh/Sneaker-Hybride)
“Franken-Schuh” is just our personal way of describing an athletic shoe with a rather elegant upper; something perhaps more commonly seen in a derby brogue. Now we feel like that combination just doesn’t work. For the record, this kind of style isn’t going to fool anyone. It’s literally just a sneaker in disguise. Now it’s still a casual shoe that can confuse buyers.
Bright and bold “fashion” colors
Every year, some colors are in. While we could endorse burgundy or olive, which have been in the spotlight in recent years, we can’t say the same for some bolder hues. We’ve seen some neon colors in bright red, magenta, and orange. These colors are extremely attention-grabbing and will wash out most skin types with their overwhelming hues. They’re also not colors that blend well, and they’re less versatile than their more subdued counterparts.
Ripped Jeans
This question comes up again and again when it comes to jeans. We first saw it in the ’70s-’90s when wearing acid wash or distressed denim was all the rage. Eventually, most people realized that wearing undeserved holes in their jeans limited their versatility. And then salvage denim took the spotlight.

Crossover belt bags
Was there something that was so immediately hated and worn ironically that people eventually started wearing it unironically? We understand there is a utilitarian purpose in wearing this. But do you really have to bend down to avoid looking like you’re carrying a handbag?

Too many accessories
We all tend to overdo it with accessories from time to time, but as Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one off.” That’s good advice, especially because Women like men who are well-groomed. The best way to achieve this is with minimal accessories that match your outfit.
Sandals with socks
Most of us assumed this trend would have died out by now, but apparently men still do! Wearing sandals belongs to beach or summer time. It’s very unattractive to see men wear them all the time, especially if you do it with socks. Sandals should be worn barefoot to keep you comfortable. If you don’t like showing your feet, consider investing in closed-toe shoes.9

They wear all colors at once
You might be a colorful person and like to show it off inside and out – and that’s fine – just make sure it’s not too much. Yellow pants, a pink shirt, a red blazer and green sneakers are a lot in one go! In general, it’s not a good idea to wear bright colors when you want to look sharp, and if you mix them all together you’ll definitely turn heads, but not in a good way. Dressing in basic colors will make you look more elegant and well-groomed. And if you want to show off a pop of color, choose a small staple like an accessory or some fun-looking socks.
Kitschy prints on T-shirts
Stupid or not, the only thing your t-shirt should be telling people is that you’ve mastered the building blocks of a good wardrobe, right down to a fine art. While t-shirts with political messages or bold streetwear branding have been trending lately, they shouldn’t open the door to older styles meant to show the world you have a sense of humor.
Suit With Sneakers
A bit of freedom in style is always welcome, but don’t make the mistake of wearing sneakers with a suit. It’s not just that it doesn’t make sense — after all, sneakers are made for running, not attending meetings — but it will likely ruin your chance of ever looking elegant or attractive. Make sure you have at least one pair of dress shoes stashed somewhere around the house in case a black-tie event ever happens.

You Like Your T-Shirts Tucked In
Tucking your t-shirts into your pants or sweatpants won’t look “cool.” On the contrary, it will make you look like a middle-aged man. If you tuck it in, it will pucker and leave unwanted lines on your body. If you’re wearing sweatpants, the untucked t-shirt will hide the drawstrings and you’ll look tidier — not like you just rolled, of course, there is an exception to every rule, and here it is necessary to tuck in the undershirt that one wears with a shirt.

Pleather is a cheap substitute for leather, most commonly made from polyurethane. Unless you’re allergic to the original or are vegan, don’t wear faux leather. The most common things made from this fabric are fake men’s bags. Aside from everything else, they’re extremely flammable, which should put you off if you’re a style outcast.
Wearing Black Shirts
Black cotton blend shirts should not be worn as a matter of principle, mainly because they discolour incredibly quickly on the collar and cuffs. Also, don’t be fooled, you look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever: you’re more likely to be accused of stealing Wayne Rooney’s “Pulling Shirt.”

Cheap materials can be spotted a mile away. Avoid synthetics at all costs as they will add a sheen to the surface of the fabric over time or be a bit uncomfortable on the skin – because you just don’t want to wear it.
Frayed Jeans
The biggest of style crimes is this one. Wearing oversized, baggy jeans with hems that catch under your heels not only makes you look like Avril Lavigne circa 2002, but wearing these jeans also causes the hems to fray, creating huge patches of empty spots where denim should be. Sloppy, ugly and downright criminal..
Transition Lenses
Sorry to point this out, we know they’re expensive, but they make you look like Fritzl. This is the sad truth….
Too Short Or Too Long Blazer
A suit is definitely a must-have for every man. This piece of clothing can make or break your entire look, so make sure you choose wisely. This also applies to the coats that men usually wear with their suits – it is important that the length of the coat covers your blazer.

T-shirts With Obvious Brand Logos
Yes, wearing branded t-shirts can be very appealing, but it’s easy to overdo it. Some men think that branding is the only way to show off the quality of their garments, but that’s not always the case. You may want to wear t-shirts that you feel comfortable in, branded or unbranded – we’re sure no one will notice! It’s much more attractive to see a man in a solid color t-shirt, but if you insist on only wearing branded items, try looking for those with smaller logos or brands. Sometimes less really is more.
You Can See Her Undershirt
It is not a crime to wear an undershirt as long as it is not visible. We all know that it is important to protect your shirt from sweat and stains, but the undershirt is considered underwear and therefore, according to the rules of etiquette, it should be absolutely invisible. In addition, it adds unnecessary horizontal lines that ruin your body proportions. But if you really want to unbutton your shirt, maybe opt for a V-neck shirt underneath instead.

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