Unleashing Artistry and Compassion: The Pole Animal Dance Event Featuring Laura Lou and Many More

On the 22nd of April, we had the privilege of attending the mesmerizing Pole Animal Dance Event at the Turnhalle in Oberentfelden, Switzerland. This remarkable event, organized by Pole Animals Switzerland, not only showcased the incredible art of pole dancing but also served as a platform to support the conservation of a majestic animal – the lynx. With Laura Lou opening the stage . She took the stage by storm, delivering a mesmerizing performance that left the audience in awe. Her incredible talent and skill captivated everyone in attendance, as she effortlessly showcased her prowess on the pole. The energy in the room soared as Laura Lou wowed the audience with her awe-inspiring moves and artistic expression. It was a performance that will be etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness it, an unforgettable display of grace, strength, and sheer talent.

A remarkable ensemble of highly skilled and experienced professional pole dancers from across Europe also took the stage, showcasing their immense talent and professionalism. Each performer radiated expertise, leaving no doubt about their dedication and years of training. The audience was treated to a captivating display of pole dancing mastery as these artists effortlessly executed intricate moves, seamless transitions, and mesmerizing choreography. Their professionalism shone through every moment, captivating the crowd and leaving no doubt that they were among the best in their craft. It was a testament to their commitment and passion for the art of pole dancing, delivering a truly unforgettable experience for all in attendance.the night was filled with breathtaking performances and a deep sense of compassion. 

Setting the Stage:

The Turnhalle at Oberentfelden provided a perfect venue for this awe-inspiring event. Its spacious and vibrant atmosphere set the stage for an evening filled with anticipation and excitement. As we stepped into the venue, the air was buzzing with energy, and the crowd eagerly awaited the performances that were about to unfold.

Photo Credit Schwab Foto

A Dedication to the Lynx:

Pole Animal’s commitment to the conservation of the lynx was a driving force behind this event. By dedicating a portion of the proceeds to support the protection of these magnificent animals, the organizers ensured that every attendee contributed to a noble cause. The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving our natural world and the wildlife that inhabits it.

The Performances:

The Pole Animal Dance Event featured an extraordinary lineup of professional pole dancers from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary,  the UK, and various parts of Europe. Each performer showcased their unique style, demonstrating exceptional strength, grace, and artistic expression on the pole. Laura Lou’s opening performance set the stage on fire, leaving the audience in awe and hungry for more.


In addition to the phenomenal pole dancers, the event also featured exceptional hip-hop dance groups who delivered an outstanding performance. Their energy, precision, and synchronized movements electrified the stage, captivating the audience from start to finish. The seamless fusion of hip-hop and dance showcased the versatility and creativity of these talented groups. The crowd was left in awe as they witnessed the impressive choreography, dynamic routines, and infectious enthusiasm of the hip-hop dancers. It was a testament to their dedication and talent, adding another layer of excitement and diversity to an already incredible event.

As the evening progressed, one captivating routine followed another, showcasing the versatility and creativity of pole dancing as an art form. From gravity-defying spins to intricate combinations and beautiful lines, the dancers pushed the boundaries of what is possible on the pole. The audience was spellbound by the sheer athleticism, artistry, and emotional storytelling displayed throughout each performance.

A Night of Unity and Energy:

The Pole Animal Dance Event brought together a diverse audience united by their love for dance and their commitment to wildlife conservation. People from all walks of life came together to support this meaningful cause, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared passion. The audience’s energy and enthusiasm reverberated throughout the venue, adding to the electrifying ambiance.

Closing the program with a bang, the renowned afrobeat artist Nazb took the stage, infusing the event with an energetic and vibrant performance. The crowd danced and celebrated, capping off an incredible night on a high note.


An Unforgettable Experience:

The Pole Animal Dance Event left a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to attend. It was a night of exceptional talent, heartwarming compassion, and unity. Through the art of pole dancing, the event not only entertained but also inspired a sense of responsibility towards the conservation of wildlife.

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