New video and autopsy report surfaces in the Shanquella Robinson homicide case.

Federal officials will have to sort through conflicting accounts to determine what exactly transpired as the FBI continues to look into Shanquella Robinson’s death while she was in Mexico. However, a criminal defense lawyer in Mexico asserts that the autopsy ought to be taken more seriously than the police report.

The police report included information about what friends informed doctors and police, according to the reporter. According to the text message shared by Metroplex, friends informed the responding physician that Robinson was inebriated and required an IV. According to the report, Robinson’s friends disregarded the recommendation of the responding doctor and insisted that she be treated in their room rather than in a hospital. Robinson allegedly had a bad verbal response when the doctor came and passed away three hours later, according to the police report. According to the reporter’s text, cardiac arrest is listed as the cause of death in the police record for the woman.

The police report contains some information that is consistent with what Robinson’s family claims to have learned from her acquaintances after her death. However, there are few similarities between the information in the police report and the autopsy results recorded on the death certificate.

The serious spinal cord and neck injuries that the death certificate identifies as Robinson’s cause of death are not mentioned in the police report. There is no mention of drinking on the death certificate. Robinson was discovered unresponsive in her living room, and it says she passed away 15 minutes after being hurt.

Criminal defense lawyer Fabian Meneses of Tijuana, Mexico, who has handled cases at Cabo San Lucas, claims that autopsies are typically more reliable than police reports.

Because the police report was authored by officers who are not forensic professionals, Meneses argued that the autopsy should take precedence over the police report. Just taking notes, they say. They will just record what witnesses say in writing.

Meneses claims that because the police report is merely a record of what officers were told by witnesses on the scene, it should not be regarded as an absolute statement of fact.

The majority of police reports, he asserted, “don’t contain the truth because it’s either hearsay or it’s being specially crafted to what the police needs to be in the report.” “I don’t want to imply that every police report is untrue. However, you cannot rely solely on a report.

He claims that the FBI and the State Attorney General’s Office will investigate what transpired. The day Robinson passed away and about three weeks before Mexican authorities opened a femicide inquiry, the police report was written. The murder of a woman due to her gender is known as femicide. The case will transition to a homicide investigation if gender is ruled out as a motive. Additionally, the FBI is aggressively looking into Robinson’s passing. There are no specifics about a fight included in the police report. Robinson was assaulted, as seen in a video that has leaked. Her mother claims that the argument happened during the trip.

Tequlia Long and Salamondra Robinson, Robinson’s mother and sister, claim that the family requested a private autopsy. When the results will be available is unknown. Additionally, they claim that a picture of Robinson with a bruised face, swollen eye and the busted lip was texted to them by the coroner after she passed away.

Long and Salamondra Robinson express their wish that the FBI investigates this matter thoroughly and ascertains the truth.

I have no doubt they will, Long remarked.

This comes only a day after a fresh video of Ms. Robinson fooling about with friends surfaced online. She sounded so positive in the video, which she supposedly recorded at the opulent Fundadores Beach Club in San José del Cabo. It was clear she didn’t know the ill fate that would soon befall her.

“It don’t take that long to get naked. Where y’all at?” Robinson shouts jokingly as she enters Villa Linda 32 on, where the gang is debating what beach suits to wear.

The short clip was posted on The Neighborhood Talk account on Instagram,

Robinson was discovered dead the day after he and some companions arrived at the resort on October 28.

Her friends first claimed she died of alcohol intoxication; however, an examination revealed she had “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” instability of the first two neck vertebrae. As a result, a homicide investigation was opened.

Additionally, a horrible video of her being beaten in a hotel room became viral.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Macedonia Baptist Church, Shanquella’s funeral services were held on Saturday.