Premium Entertainment has become a staple in Switzerland, so it’s no surprise that legendary group 2 Unlimited, will be coming to perform at a show in the country.

Longtime music enthusiasts will like this special. The Belgian/Dutch dance music group 2 Unlimited was created in 1991 in Antwerp, Belgium, by producers/songwriters Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde. Dutch vocalist Anita Doth and Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard lead the group from 1991 until 1996. 2 Unlimited experienced widespread success all around the world throughout these five years. Their sixteen worldwide chart-topping singles included “Get Ready for This,” “Twilight Zone,” “No Limit,” and “Tribal Dance.” 18 million records have been sold by the group globally. Several of their songs became prominent themes in American athletic series, primarily in the NBA and NHL.

The group will be performing at the MEGA 90’s party on the 28th of October. They wouldn’t be alone too as other megastars like Oli P, Layzee FKA, Mr President, East 17, Rednex, Haddaway and Turbo B are all billed to join the party. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and it promises to be a good time with wonderful food, great songs and an ambience to die for.