nazb ft. shedea dona all i want album cover

New Single album by NazB Ft. Shedea Dona “All i want” OutNow!

The Swiss music scene is buzzing with excitement as two talented artists, NazB and Shedea Dona, have come together to release their highly anticipated single, “All I Want.” This club banger, which infuses elements of Afrobeat and Amapiano, is set to ignite dance floors and captivate music enthusiasts worldwide. With its infectious rhythm, sensational vocals, and overwhelming positive feedback, “All I Want” is making waves and solidifying its place as a must-listen track. Get ready to groove as we dive into the details of this sensational love song that promises to rock every club in your neighborhood.

The Perfect Collaboration:

NazB and Shedea Dona, both Swiss-based artists, have joined forces to create a remarkable musical masterpiece. With their unique talents and remarkable vocal chemistry, they have crafted a track that showcases their individual artistry while seamlessly blending their voices. NazB takes charge of the male vocals, complemented by Shedea Dona’s captivating female singing, resulting in a perfect combination that is a true auditory delight.

A Surprise from Switzerland:

Switzerland may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of Afrobeat hits, but NazB and Shedea Dona have defied expectations with “All I Want.” This exceptional afrobeat-infused club anthem breaks barriers and demonstrates the versatility and global appeal of Swiss music artists. It is a testament to the talent that resides within the Swiss music scene and the ability of artists to explore different genres.

Unleashing a Dancefloor Delight:

“All I Want” is not just a love song; it is a track that commands attention and compels listeners to hit the dance floor. Its infectious beats and irresistible groove will have partygoers moving their feet and losing themselves in the rhythm. Prepare yourself for a sensory experience that will leave you craving more.

Available Everywhere:

The wait is finally over! ” All I Want” by NazB and Shedea Dona is now available on all major music digital platforms. Whether you prefer Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service, you can now immerse yourself in the magic of this extraordinary track. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stream and share this incredible song with your friends and fellow music enthusiasts.


Support and Spread the Vibes: "All I Want" deserves massive support and airplay to showcase the immense talent of NazB and Shedea Dona. As music fans, we have the power to make a difference by spreading the word about this exceptional track. Share it with your friends, add it to your playlists, and request it from your favorite radio stations. Let's ensure that this remarkable song receives the recognition it deserves.